MUSIC THERAPY FOR PREEMIES (Hospital and at home)
"the breath of a new life"

Tibor Levay created with this therapeutic music a new masterpiece which is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on the premature babies.
The high noise levels of the breathing devices and other medical equipments are sensitively and artistically incorporated into this music piece.

Steady monotonous noises, which become part of the premature babies environmental impressions, are transformed into a pleasant and calming acoustic surrounding.

the breath of a new life Voice: Uta Dubrau
Monochord, Voice: Ibolya Kongo-Lévay
alto flute, Okarina, keyboard Sounddesign, Voice: Tibor Lévay

Concept, compositions: Tibor Lévay
Concept: Ibolya Kongo-Lévay

Produced by Tibor Lévay and Ibolya Kongo Lévay


World of soundīs FOR BABY AND MOTHER "
Great masterpieces for SMALL ears"

World of soundīs FOR BABY AND MOTHER - Great masterpieces for SMALL ears

A singular music row for mother and child, conceived on scientific and aesthetic bases.

Plunge with your baby into this singular work of emotional worlds of sounds.
The composer Tibor Lévay by his commitment of many years, worked with the world music literature, selected fastidiously and adapted it completely again and carefully to the needs of babies and infants.

This ambitious music is enriched with own compositions, which for many years were likewise developed in detailed work in co-operation with Mrs. Dr. Albinca Pesek, internationally recognized as an educationalist for children's music.
In this way your baby can develop in a gentle way the feeling for musicality, emotionality and aesthetics.

At the same time this singular series creates for you personally a reassuring atmosphere, which can offer in the today very hectic time a positive contribution for the internal satisfaction and relaxation.

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